The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

Today we will be discussing the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. I hope to help you notice, as I did, that the recurring theme throughout the Laws is living in the present moment, practicing mindful awareness of each thought and each choice. You will soon learn the secret to STOP EXCHANGING YOURSELF FOR THE SYMBOL OF YOURSELF!


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“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success are powerful principles that will enable you to attain self-mastery. If you put your attention on these laws and practice the steps outlined in this book, you will see that you can manifest anything you want – all the affluence, money, and success that you desire. You will also see that your life becomes more joyful and abundant in every way, for these laws are also the spiritual laws of life that make living worthwhile.”

~ Deepak Chopra From Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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Deepak Chopra

DEEPAK CHOPRA MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego, Health Sciences. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.”

Chopra is the author of more than 85 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His ground breaking bestseller, Super Genes, coauthored with Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi (Harmony, November 2015) focuses on the new genetics and is revolutionizing how we understand ourselves and the health of those around us. His latest book, Radical Beauty, coauthored with Kimberly Snyder, C.N., is a revolutionary new way of helping you realize the true beauty that is your birthright!

Dr. Chopra as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.” The World Post and The Huffington Post global internet survey ranked Chopra #17 influential thinker in the world and #1 in Medicine.”

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