True to Your Core

Uncovering the Subconscious Beliefs That Wreak Havoc on Your Life

“I’m unlovable, I’m not worthy, I don’t matter, I am not deserving, I’m not enough, I’m Stupid, I am ugly, I’m a failure, I’m weak.” Any of these thoughts sound familiar? These Negative Core Beliefs can present challenges in all areas of your life! Bonnie Kelly takes you through her incredible life story and transformation so that you too can transform the negative beliefs that are holding you back!

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“Unless you are made aware of the impact your subconscious beliefs have on your conscious thoughts, feelings and actions or reactions, you stay victim to repeating the same hardship and drama over and over again.” – Bonnie Kelly

Meet the Author

Bonnie Kelly

Bonnie Kelly is a renowned speaker, author, and coach who has helped thousands of individuals reprogram the subconscious mind to break free self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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