The Practicing Mind

Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life

This book is just what the D.O.C ordered. Thomas knows the truth, which is in order to experience happiness in our lives, we have to shift from focusing on something outside of ourselves to make us happy and realize that the joy is found in experiencing and enjoying the PROCESS of everyday life.

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“This book is about how learning to live in the present moment and becoming process-oriented centers us on this magical path and brings us a wonderful sense of patience with both ourselves and our lives as we learn to enjoy the journey.”

~Thomas M. Sterner from The Practicing Mind

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Thomas M. Sterner

Thomas M. Sterner has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and modern sports psychology and trained as a jazz pianist. For more than twenty-five years, he served as the chief concert piano technician for a major performing arts center while operating a piano remanufacturing facility. He has also worked in the sound and video arts fields as a recording engineer, audio and video editor and processor, and composer.  He is an accomplished musician, private pilot, student of archery, and avid golfer. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

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