Gain priceless insight from some of the best books ever written on self-improvement.

Loving What Is

Four Questions That Will Change Your Life

by Byron Katie

Would you like to end your own suffering? Suffering comes in many forms: Anxiety, bitterness, frustration, depression, worry, annoyance and hate just to name a few! Byron Katie uses “The Work” to help YOU wake up to your own suffering and shows you how to actively work to end it. This book is very special to me personally. I first read Loving What Is when I was 18. Ameya was a newborn and I had just left an abusive relationship. It was one of the most emotionally challenging time of my life. Loving What Is became a beacon of light, guiding me back to my true self.  YOU too, can experience life-enhancing changes by using “The Work” in your life!

Food Rules

An Eater's Manual

by Michael Pollan

Eat FOOD. Sounds simple enough, but it is more complex than you think! Our Grocery Stores are full of Edible Food like Substances that have a negative impact on your health! This book is FULL of  easy to digest information that will enable you to maintain or even regain your health!

The Pursuit of Perfect

How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Start Living a Richer, Happier Life

by Tal Ben-Shahar

If you’re a perfectionist,  you probably attribute your achievements to your perfectionist ways. Don’t worry you don’t have to STOP being a perfectionist. Today you will learn to be a Healthy Perfectionist, an Optimalist, instead of a chronically stressed out Negative Perfectionist.

The Four Agreements

A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

by Don Miguel Ruiz

This is one of my all time favorite books! YOU cannot go wrong by adhering to the 4 agreements. Get ready to learn what they are and how to implement them in your life!

It’s The Way You Say It

Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken, and Clear

by Carol A. Fleming, PH.D.

Strangers, potential romantic partners and employers form opinions of us based on what we say, how we say it and how we carry ourselves.  Don’t we all strive to be judged more favorably and make a good impression on others? If so, you will appreciate these 10 Tips that will enable you to improve your overall communication skills!


The Story Of Success

by Malcolm Gladwell

 Today we are discussing the importance of satisfying work, the 10,000 hour rule and 3 tips that will help you write your own success story!

Emotional Intelligence

Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

by Daniel Goleman

To help us understand Emotional Intelligence Goleman writes “In a sense we have two brains, two minds – and two different kinds of intelligence: rational and emotional. How we do in life is determined by both – it is not just IQ, but emotional intelligence that matters..” You may be the smartest person in the room but if you can’t control your temper, and work well with others; or your plagued by anxiety and fear you  can only go so far.

Mans Search For Meaning

by Viktor E. Frankl

Today we are going to discuss my favorite concepts in the book and how they relate to our society: we will discover the freedom that EVERY human has and that cannot be taken away; how to identify meaning in your life; and finally that tension is necessary  for growth!

The One Thing

The Suprisingly Simply Truth Behing Extraordinary Results

by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

We are going to discuss the question that will unlock your one thing, the Common misconceptions that are making you unproductive, and some of Gary’s surprisingly simple tips that will lead you to new heights of productivity.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Why Now is The Time to #JOINTHERIDE

by Darren Hardy

If you are considering getting in business for yourself or you already are this book is a must read! Today we are going to discuss my favorite ideas starting with what Darren calls the height requirement, then onto the importance of being a freak,  what your #1 job is, and the master skill of success!